Sæll og blessaður, friends.

This guide will explain how to participate in the Thorstarter Strategic Sale. Note, the official sale date has not been announced yet.

The strategic round will stay open for approximately 2.5 days — the pending approval window for the THOR $RUNE-$XRUNE pool. Once approved, the Strategic Round will end and the public round will begin.

The strategic round sale price will be $0.01 USD. Total emissions for strategic sale is 75,000,000.

Please follow along on Twitter and Telegram to be notified when the date and time is announced.

Thorstarter Public Sale Stages

The Thorstarter Public Sale is split between two…

Sæll og blessaður, friends.

Thorstarter’s airdrop whitelist campaign is now closed! Thanks to everyone who participated in the airdrop.

We received an overwhelming amount of support and interest, and as such the XDEFI activation codes quickly hit a limit. The airdrop will be distributed after the public sale is complete, and and announcement will be made at that time.

Note: the public Strategic Sale date is still TBD, but will likely be the following week. The official date and time of the public sale has not been announced yet, but will be soon.

Why Airdrop?

The purpose of the whitelist-airdrop is to…

Sæll og blessaður, friends.

In this post, we share the Thorstarter token economy and issuance schedule, as well as the public sale.

Please note, the Thorstarter public sale time and date is yet to be confirmed. The date and time will be announced shortly, along with step by step instructions for participation. The date must be coordinated with a large caps raise, so we are working closely with the Thorchain team to ensure the timing is right.

Thorstarter is a decentralized launchpad created to bring cross-chain liquidity to long tail crypto assets. Our mission is to radically transform the way…

We are excited to announce the successful completion of a $1.5 million private round led by True Ventures and other industry leading VCs and supporters.

The funds raised from the private round will be committed to building on the original vision of THORChain by providing liquidity for cross-chain swaps and supporting the growth of the THORchain’s ecosystem.

Finding the right partners

The team at Thorstarter has been working hard to partner with key infrastructure projects, RUNE ecosystem supporters, developers, and thought leaders.

We are working very closely with the core team at THORChain, ensuring that the upcoming launch of Thorstarter is executed fairly and…

Sæll og blessaður, friends.

In this article, we will explore how Thorstarter launches IDOs, and how it facilitates cross chain swapping and deeper liquidity using XRUNE.

Thorstarter brings cross-chain liquidity to long tail crypto assets. It does this through issuing liquidity grants to early stage projects and helping them launch via initial DEX offerings (IDOs). Projects which IDO can then swap native, THORChain-pooled assets with their token.

This is attractive for new projects for a few reasons:

  • Users (holders, traders, supporters) of their project can access liquidity from other blockchains, without using synthetic or wrapped assets.
  • They get a sizable…

Sæll og blessaður, friends.

Previously, we outlined Thorstarter’s fair launch and token sale, where we take the entirety of our raise and stake it as liquidity in XRUNE pools. This aligns our incentives with all public supporters, while at the same time bootstrapping XRUNE pools to enable cross-chain liquidity for new projects.

In this week’s chapter, we’re introducing our DAO governance model for project selection and long-term vision for evolving the DAO based on a community voting process.

Key pillars of the Thorstarter DAO governance model:

  • The primary aim is to onboard projects that will use and grow THORChain, and…

Sæll og blessaður, friends.

Last week, we released Chapter One: Thorstarter Genesis, which included the rationale behind the project. In it, we explained why the standard launchpad model is unsustainable long term.

Here, we outline a new approach for launching projects that prioritizes community participation and ownership, and focuses on deep, long-term liquidity aggregation over high velocity, marketing-centric token launches. In other words, it brings value to the protocol on which Thorstarter is built: THORChain and its community.

This model is somewhat unique to THORChain and Thorstarter, not simply a fork of launchpads on different chains.

Before we dive into…

Sæll og blessaður, friends.

Greetings all ye blessed THORChads and members of the Thorstarter community. Welcome to the first public announcement and overview of the project.

We’ve spent the last few months deep in the caves of Gnipahellir, hard at work building an important and critical product for the RUNE ecosystem. Last week, we revealed our existence to the world. The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive — a testament to the strength and conviction of the THORChain community.

Please note that Thorstarter has not raised any investment nor have we announced any details around a sale of any…


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